Through my Playlist – thefirst

Who doesn’t love music?
To me music is a great element where I can do almost everything on the side. It’s always very interesting when Blogger publish their playlist and I always find some cool songs I really like! In addition I always have different songs on my playlist and not always the same stuff they run up and down in the charts.

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DearNadine – Homesickness

Hey lovely people! 🙂

At first I want to introduce you to my new column ‚DearNadine‘ which will contain a more serious range of topics also including things that are on my mind, it’s more serious and I will write about different topics which are on my mind. Of course if you want my help or you want to know how I deal with some serious subjects – You can write an E-Mail or of course on my social Network (IG: lnr.nadine). 🙂

Today’s theme is important to me because I think so many people suffer from homesickness and don’t know how to deal with it! Here you can find some hints to find more motivation for the following days, months and of course years!

Beitrag ansehen